CAR Report

Campus Accountability Report (CAR) 2017

Please review the Guidelines and Instructions carefully and log into the ACICS member portal to access the CAR. If you are unable to log into ACICS member portal, please email

The 2017 Campus Accountability Report (CAR) will go live on Friday, September 8, 2017. At that time, access will be granted to the 2017 CAR and the required program spreadsheets through the new Member Center. Institutions are required to use the ACICS program spreadsheet specifically created for each active program and available for download only through the Member Center. A completed CAR submission includes logging on from the Member Center, completing the campus-level questions that appear on two web-pages, and uploading a completed spreadsheet for each active program.  

The 2017 CAR includes a new field for purposes of ensuring that all placements have been submitted and verified through the Placement Verification Program (PVP). Placements validated through the PVP should be categorized in the appropriate placement column however; placements that have not been validated through the PVP should be listed as “not working”.   

A series of CAR webinars have been scheduled to provide helpful tips in completing the CAR and to answer any general technical and content related questions. The webinars are scheduled for the following dates and times: September 8, 2017; September 15, 2017; September 22, 2017; September 29, 2017 and October 13, 2017 at 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm (EST). Click here for webinar registration

Final submission of the CAR is Wednesday, November 1, 2017. Please be reminded that you must approve the Preliminary Report in order to successfully complete your CAR.  

In accordance with Section 2-1-801 of the Accreditation Criteria, all ACICS main and additional location campuses are required to submit a Campus Accountability Report (CAR) each year for the July 1- June 30 reporting period. The CAR is due on or before November 1 (If on weekend, then due Monday after November 1) annually and must be submitted online.

The CAR report contains program-level and campus-level data and is used to monitor performance in terms of student achievement at both levels. Measures include retention; placement; and licensure, registration or certification pass rates, if applicable.  




Online Submission of Reports
All accredited main and additional location campuses which were accredited during the reporting period (July 1 through June 30) are required to file the Campus Accountability Report and supporting documentation online. 

Retention and Placement Information
ACICS will determine average retention and placement rates annually for campuses, based on information collected in the Campus Accountability Report and will provide this data to all accredited campuses in the Key Operating Statistics (KOS) report. 

Student Achievement Review 
ACICS will apply student achievement standards to data collected through the Campus Accountability Report. The student achievement standards are described on the website under the Accreditation tab. Campuses whose retention or placement rates fall below the ACICS compliance standard are restricted from beginning a new program and/or a non-main location without first securing permission from ACICS.  

Request to Waive Restrictions
If a campus is applying for a waiver request to initiate a new program(s) and/or a nonmain location(s), and the campus is currently on retention and/or placement reporting, the information must be submitted at least 30 days prior to a Council Meeting.

Backup Documentation
Campuses are required to upload appropriate back-up data to the ACICS Campus Accountability Report. During all scheduled and unscheduled evaluations, campuses will be asked to produce this information.


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